why envato reject this logo?

Hi i need help to get logo to be approved by envato team,

Your logo is fine, Just like mine was
I already get used to got rejected by envato team so many time.
Its hard now days to got approved by envato its like you just had 20% to
get approved, no matter how original your design.

Too bad, envato didn’t said any comment why they rejected

can you help me how i can satisfied envato team

To begin with your designs in color and black and white are not matching!! Slight variations. Your logo looks like a media player symbol but the text says datapro, conflicting message. Proper typography and treatment of text is further to be considered. Check exiting approved logos and try to learn why they ate approved. Keep trying and good luck.

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I agree with you

i have checked all the approved logos, some of these are one of the most boring and non professional one, but the team approved, please allow new designers to show there work all over the work, or if envato did not need new designers then please close all new designers accounts

At this point I think they only accept material from “Elite Authors” no matter how plain the design is. The first page has logos submitted by 4 people. Surprise, surprise, they are all “Elite”. A few years back they used to give the reason for rejections.
So they don’t accept complicated, unique stuff ( for some reason ) but they accept litterally 3 squares next to another as a logo. Mkay.
Also, the text should not be at all a reason for rejection. There are millions of fonts. I just picked one for preview purposes. The logo should be important not the damn font.

yes they just approve elite authors logos i agree with you

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