Hard Rejection. Help needed

Hi guys i’m new in envato and a uploaded 2 logos designs and i got rejected in both of theme with no explanation could any one help me with that, any advices???
here is my last design

any ideas would be helpful???
thank you

HI , as for me i think that u got rejected because of font things, as not only your typo is almost invisible if compared with the logo but in addition this is not matching so well. Inded this is too bad because i really like what u’ve done with the g and if u work out more the title thing then all should be ok i think :wink: GL

Thank you for the notes about the font and the title i’ll try to work on them more and see what would become, I really was thinking to make it GL logo but i was afraid that it would minimize the use of the logo so i made it just the G, i’ll try GL maybe it will work :smile: