Logo Rejected again?

Hello again,

The logos we are designing are constantly being rejected. There is no such explanation as before.
This was very boring. It is now tiring to design a logo for envato.

Someone with a high level of authority should pay attention to this issue. Other logos made in the same logic are confirmed. Available on the main page.

Standards are inconsistent. The Envato official should do something about it. The approvals given by users are problematic!


hi i am noit the expert that u are looking for though here is how i feeli tend to believe that u shoukd add some extra originality and work on the blue and orange shapes by adding gradients or effects so that the logo part lookes more outstanding. Maybe u could also find a better combination in terms of typo for the name and tagline and shopuld make sure about the proportion of both if there are some rules regarding this, i would personally advice u to check with Danny Depmod (pseudo: Depmod) who is an elite author and a long-experience logo designer …