Could you give me feedback for construction logo please.

Hello everyone, recently I got very valuable feedback which I really appreciated.

With this logo I tried to avoid mistakes which I did with my last work, this logo is not for Envato Market I just want to get some feedback so I can move forward.

I was focusing mainly on

-typography matching
-not prevailing Illustration over the text
proper spacing between text, tagline, illustration.
Color contract and choosing right colors.

Even I m doing a lot of mistake I am keeping trying and your feedback helps me a lot,
Special thank you to n2n44 for your valuable feedbacks and your time reviewing my work.

thank you.

Best regards


You look here|&mediapopup=43154350

hi jake , thanks for the special feature :slight_smile: much appreciated :slight_smile:
as far as the logo goes, well i think that the concept is sort of not strong enough at this stage, sorry to say just this but this is how i feel … i believe that u sort of have too may elements and only the central one alone could have made or that u need to find a new way to introduce the idea of the house, because as such, honestly, i feel this is neither really convincing in terms of concept , nor really attractive in terms of aesthetics. In addition, u have to pay attention to colors indeed … the combinations that u have chosen are not always the best choices to say the least and u should better opt for complementary colors, color codes , shades of the same color and make sure that the logo is contrasting enough with the BG, which is not what happens yet … in addition, despite u have variations, which is cool, there is still a lack of combination all the same and a need , most importantly, for some touches of originality in the typo