I demand to re-check my track

This is my first request of this kind for nearly two years of collaboration with envato. But I demand to re-check my track. Since I think that hard rejections is not justified. At least, he deserves to get an explanation of reject.

I also want to say that the clues, explanations and suggestions our reviewers only raise the level of quality of our tracks with you! After all, it does not take a lot of time.

Track included 3 versions in preview file.
middle( 0:00 to 0:53) , light ( 0:53 to 1:25) and full (1:25 to end).


this track had to be adopted. definitely.
probably reviewer got it wrong!

Really good track.Not informed decisions

According to me the percussions are somewhat weak.
this may have driven the reviewr to reject
i “identify” what should be a snare with an handclap. i think it’s a vey poor sound choice.
also the drums should drive the track, in this song i would have chosen a more “epic” and “big” percussion part.
the drums are quite buried in what it seems a very loud mix, but with poor low end and “fundation”

just my 2c

There’s nothing wrong with the production of this track, but I think what is probably hindering it is the chord progression. Its a nice progression, but its really is Used. All. The. Time. On. Like. Every. Epic. Track. (I have abused it myself).

Combine this with the fact that your track is just that one chord progression and I think that’s why you’re facing a rejection. The samples/mix etc sound fine. But there are a lot of tracks that are essentially the same thing on AJ, and with the size of the library growing unwieldy, I can understand why they reject it.

Add a ii chord in their somewhere. Maybe even try going to something other than V on the ending (iii is a good substitution as is a chord whose root is the lowered submediant).

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I suggest making it a bit longer and more complex, also the drums don’t sound too good imo (the beat is a bit off in some areas, and the drum sounds don’t sound really good) Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: Best of luck.

It’s a pretty good piece of music. My suggestion would be simply open a support ticket and ask nicely for someone to take a 2nd look. I’m not sure about the policy involved with a “re-review” but my guess is that coming to the forum and using phrases like “I DEMAND TO RE-CHECK MY TRACK!” probably doesn’t work in your favor. The reviewers are humans too.

Good luck to you and again, I like the track.


Probably it sounded too over compressed to the point of introducing unpleasant distortion. Also too much reverberation probably because compression prolonged and lifted tails. Why don’t you just fix that and reupload explaining what you improved.
Maybe I’m wrong though, I don’t know.
I don’t think chord progression is problem, look at the featured files, they have no problem with same 4 chord progression.

Sounds pretty good to me… however, the percussion seems to be the weak spot here in my opinion. A bit too bright, lacking mid and low end and not driving the song like it should with 4 chord tracks like this.

If you could change that and have it a bit more driving with better EQ, it could work i think.

Good luck!

You’ve got too much reverb going on for this type of Epic genre. It’s affecting the detail of the instruments and they are a bit muddy.

This also has the effect of making it sound ‘distorted’, although that might just be an ‘effect’ of the reverb, which in turn makes the separation sound lost.

Try the Abbey Road reverb trick on the individual instruments and experiment a bit.

All that said, I’ve heard a lot worse.

Forget about complex and too short and what instruments and sounds you are using. It’s probably down to the production.

Composition is fine and a good fit for the style, but I think the mix/mastering is the problem. I agree that it’s too compressed (although I see many submissions pass the review in a similar state).

It also feels like every instruments in the arrangement is fighting for pole position, so the result is a bit undefined. Combining this with a slightly irritating distortion makes the track a bit unpleasant to listen to after a few seconds. But like other said, I’ve heard way worst, because it’s not catastrophic either.

That said, a single reject over the course of two years is a very good track record. :slight_smile:

P.S: I’m sure it was not your intention, but «I demand to re-check my track» is a badly chosen post title; phrased a bit too much like a king shouting orders to his guards or something. :wink: