Hard reject on epic. Why?

Hello everyone!
I’ve uploaded a track and… received a hard. "Isn’t at the quality standard needed ", “does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard”.
Well that’s a bit strange cause I’ve already made some tracks in this very template and all of them were ok.
Please help me to realize where are my mistakes and why my item was hard (not soft!) rejected.
thank you!


Hm… You did a really good job with the sounds in this one… Not sure why they are that strict! Could it have something to do with style and genre? You should ask them to be a bit more specific…

I really liked it!
Maybe it could be the long “intro” (or what you would call it). It seems as AJ likes when you get to the point quickly.

So guys, shall I somehow rewrite/remix this and try to upload again or will it be considered as abuse of the system?

idk why rejected
I like it.

To be honest i like it either and also think the only possible reason could be the long intro, if it would start at 0:30 like in the short version - would be more flexible to use… but you do have a short version, so this reject is not obvious at all… Also few seconds of silence before the last chords at the end seem to be not the best move

I always try to imagine my track in several different productions and understand if it is somewhat universal or not, because i suppose AJ items supposed to be sold multiple times, meaning work for different videos, for all the rest you mark yourself as “available for freelance”

Anyway, would also like to understand the decision and @gvsmusichouse, great work, good luck in your future submissions!

I think this track is beautiful. Piano sounds great. The strings are awesome. I like that it takes a while to get to the point. Particularly on epic tracks, some people like it to take a while. You could offer a shorter version, but I would keep the long one intact.

Honestly this is better than 80% of what I hear on AJ. I would just resubmit…

Just heard you do have a short version. Yeah there’s no reason this shouldn’t have been accepted in my opinion.

Track is amazing, but percussions at 1:03 sounds like a demo for my taste, it might be the reason.

I think the biggest problem here is the length of the piece. Try to stick to the standard 2:30 with a 3 act structure for the epic tracks, they seem to work for most trailers, promos, and commercials.

The song is good musically, as in for listening, but it might be a hard to make it work in videos. You could recycle some ideas and make it shorter, and as others have said get to the point quickly, I found that you should be into the main part of the track withing 30-40 seconds.

Woooow @gvsmusichouse , awesome job my friend. The only thing that bothers me is that clicky sound that I hear, when track develops. But nice dynamics , a great mix…

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I have to agree; great track, but I don’t really like the clicky sound either. Of course, they could have just soft rejected and told you to get rid of it.

I think this is great. Maybe you found this particular reviewer on a bad day?

Either AJ should be rejecting 90% more stuff that I see on the new page, or this should have been accepted.

Both can’t be true.

It might the drums, they feel like there from a demo. Although I don’t think it’s that distungauble. I wonder if it’s possible that the reviewer made a mistake? As far as we know, the reviewers are human.