Hard Reject! WHY??? Need some help guys!

So, what’s wrong with it? As for me, all sound good! Reviewers are kidding with me… :worried: Please, share some feedback about this track! Thank you! https://soundcloud.com/epickeyz/corporate-advertising

Maybe this track need a “break”, you know, you play the same thing 2:17min.
Play with your song more, do some “cuts” in melody, drums maybe, 1:22 is a good place.
I think this is the reason of hard reject. Can’t help more, just fix your song and try to upload it again! Good luck!

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Nice track @EpicKeyz :+1: I like this crystal clarity at high frequencies but I feel lack at low ends. I think your track could be better if you added some bass line or more massive piano. Good luck!


Cool track! I think it needs more low/low mid freqs and I don’t know if it’s just me but it sounds like there could be some phase issues.


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Yes it is too middle/high freqs on it. And also a bit too repetitive to my like. But overall it is a very nice track :slight_smile:

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