FEEDBACK PLEASE !!! (Hard-Reject)

Hi there,

I would like to know what’s wrong about this track (hard-reject):
the track contains an acoustic guitar with pick up (recorded with rme fireface uc), bass guitar, wurlizer (electric piano),acoustic drum set and my voice (3-voice-falsetto-choir)
I need some feedback from an experienced mastering / mixing engineer.


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For me is a good track! Good sound and idea.
In my opinion maybe too much repetition of chorus without variation,
you can try to add more sounds at the second two bars of chorus.
Also you can try to make a longer version.

Hope this help!

All the best.

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Yeah mabe it’s too much repetition.
Thanks a lot for taking time to listen !

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is that all ? Come on, 1 post so far. I would like to read a couple opinions more

I have no sales at all. And also I have 7 hard rejects))) For me it is a very good song. For the more commercial impact, may be it will be better to add some reverb (or delay or pad or strings or organ) to the chorus to glue everything together. Also may be you need to boost (eq/saturate) hi frequencies just a little bit. Harmony and melody is perfect for me! I hope I help you a little)

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thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face:
I will not resubmit it again because I don’t feel like having a burnout on this one.
aj has approved so many tracks with total crap sound and what I learned from that is that it doesn’t sell eighter way so I’m not very disappointed about rejects any more.

May be the revewier loved your music, and rejected it only because to give you an oportunity to sell not 10 but 10k copyes after your improvements :joy::rofl:

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