What's the reason of hard reject?

Hello friends. This track was hard rejected. Only writing this post i noticed, that on preview track, timecode 1:24 there is a noticable overload. However, 320 bps and wav don’t have that.
Could it be the reason for hard reject? Or just the composition overall is bad and doesn’t fit the terms?
Thank you for the replies!

hey @Marz1pan, I think it’s a really nice sound but perhaps with the length of the track you’d expect the chord progression to vary or have some orchestration to add some more drama?

Other than that, maybe i’d restructure the faster melody that comes in after 1.10 - I think it sounds a tiny bit messy and just needs to be a little less complicated.

Great work though - I’m sure you’re not far off!

Thank you for your reply) Will think about that)

The piano is a bit harsh sounding. Try some EQ at the high end. You can hear the hammer hit the keys too clearly for every note too.

I agree with the excellent advice others have already posted!