Hard reject. Your opinion?



Hello guys, i had reject. What do you think why?


Hi @Z-Studio! I think intro is too long and palm muted guitar is too far. I like part with piano :+1: Good luck! And may the sales be with you! :relieved:


Bass drums has long decay, and i think he needs to be replaced.


Thank you guys!


I think main problem - mixing. Melodies are fine but track sounds like demo, not like mixed track. Hope it helps you. Good luck!


Really cool track, I would imagine the reviewer had an issue with the general muddiness of the mix and sample choice. Its unfortunate that this was a hard reject, with a remix, this track would be fantastic.


I agree with @LuckyBlackCat, I think mix is the problem here.


I think bass line sound muddiness (on laptop speakers) and Bass drums has long decay but music is ok.