I bought something but my download did not show up in my downloads

my download is not showing up after I just paid for it. How do you fix this.

Please open a Help ticket. They will be happy to help.


I am new to the forum but not new to Theme Forest. However, I have the same issue with missing downloads after a purchase. I purchased two Wordpress themes and they have not showed up on my downloads page. Confirmation of my purchase was supplied by my bank. The cart appears to be stuck as the two themes are still in the cart even after it displayed the notification on the screen that the purchase was successful. I made two separate request in the Help Centre for support with my issue 5 days ago and I have not received any support. I did get two auto responses because I posted two request for support. I replied to both of these emails saying I am days without my downloads being available and my payment is confirmed with a reference number from the bank supplied. But after a whole week of trying g to get support to supply my items I still have nothing. No response and no themes and money gone. Do anyone know how I can reach support to her this resolved. You had this problem so did you get yours resolved and was there some other way to contact support? Much appreciated of you can guide me. Cheers!

Yes and i have the same problem. No mail about the buy and not install. Sitting with a customer that i need do today. And especially not in 5 days. Wow hope it goes for you and me too. This really s… it should be so smooth… they know our schedules as developers. I even paid for it twice. First my guy change currency to ours. And did not see the 72 hours delay. So we bought it again with USD selection. Nothing about 72 hours. And still no install. this truuly sucks… Getting behind. What happent to Envato. Allway just hear good quick…???