Purchased theme & download not showing up

I have purchased the http://demo.designinvento.net/classiads-new/categories/# twice and yet it’s still not showing up anywhere in downloads. I haven’t received any feedback from the support team so I’m hoping someone else can assist me. If it’s not in your downloads, where is it? And why do they still charge you?

If it is not in www.themeforest.net/downloads (assuming you are logged in) then it has not been purchased.

Did you buy the file with the surcharge or make a deposit? Could you have made a deposit but not bought the files?

Did you receive a confirmation email saying you had bought the file?

Your account has no buyer badge associated with it which means nothing has been bought from it.

I am sure support will come through ASAP and help

Also check this reply to another thread Paid product, but it will

Yeah this one is a bit of a headscratcher. There hasn’t been any purchases or activity on your account. Perhaps you can try purchasing again? Or the Help Team will certainly be getting back to you.