I am Trying to Install a Theme I Just Purchased; But the Setup is terrible

Hi Themeforest;

I just downloaded a theme from @codesupplyco and installed it. However, the setup for the theme is so difficult to understand, and there are so many plugins.

What makes it worse is that it doesn’t have an admin panel that allows me as the owner of the website to navigate easily, but that is not why I am making this complaint.

The support of Codesupply.co has not responded to my query since yesterday, I would like to get my website running, but this theme is slowing me down.

I really need some asssitance here

These are a power elite author with a near perfect item rating so it seems unlikely that their items are anything short of very high quality.

Are you suggesting that a WordPress theme does not have an admin?

Their support tabs say 2 business days which would explain the delay but again as a power elite I am confident they would reply asap.

The advertisement for this was very deceiving because it claimed to be minimal, but hell no, it is the most confusing thing I’ve ever purchased because I can’t even add my license key and I can’t see any theme demos.

You will need to import demo. But I guess to import demo at first you will need to register the theme license. I think you will get help on these things in the theme documentation. Please give them (theme author) time to get back to you. Hope theme author will help you to fix those things.


I can only give them 24 hours to reply. Sincerely, I really love their theme from the outset, but unlike other themes that have tutorials on how to go about setting it up, they don’t.


The author has an extensive documentation on all their themes from what I can see


Refunds would only be issued if for example the theme did not work, but it sounds to me like your issue is you just don’t understand how to complete the setup of the theme, and your complaint is that the theme is confusing.

If you love the theme so much, then be patient and work through the questions with the author instead of assuming that you are the only person they are dealing with, and that they should respond immediately to your questions.

It might help to know which theme it was you are referring to? Then perhaps some forum members could give you some additional advice :slight_smile: