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Hi, I purchased a theme about a week ago, I am struglling to understand how to setup the theme and edit it.

After the installation the theme is quite mess up and seems it need to be fixed before looking like it was on the preview.

I have been in touch with the author but despite in the documentation he said will reply in 10 minutes maximum 1 hours, he needed to be reminded before I could get a first reply and now it’s almost 2 days I am still waiting for a reply from him!

Are this normal time I should expect to get support? What Do you suggest I should do?

Technically installation and/or customisation is not part of support policy as standard (although many authors do help).

Have you read the documentation? Have you installed demo content?

Well I installed the theme, and imported the demo content, but the theme looks still incomplete, I have been working to try to fix it but still I get the problem with the main slider.

Yes I have been reading the documentation but I am still quite confused about how to edit the theme.

Without seeing it then it’s hard to comment but there are likely to be steps like setting the front page, applying the right navigation etc.

the slider (depending on what slider it is) e.g. rev slider may have it’s own documentation?

It’s a tough situation because most authors would help but this does sill fall outside standard support

Yes It is slider revolution, however, by getting a theme I would expect that at least for the demo content everything would be working since the beginning! What type of support are then the author suppose to give?

He last replied asking my the data to access to my dashboard, so it seems he is willing to help but it’s going to be very slow and I need to get done with the website quick!

In fairness to you the policy does state “help with the included third party…” so they will be able to fix it.

Quite often bundled sliders do not include demo content at all.

If the author is willing to help that is definitely the best option to allow them to do so.

I see.

Also I am still quite new with the use of template with wordpress, would you have some good tutorial to help me orientate there? I know there are many but this is why I am asking for a good one as I am reading a bit everywhere but seems to me without getting anywhere.

Also, this template is for creating a portfolio, on the dashboard there are 3 voice with the name “portfolio”. I don’t undertand the difference and how this section should be used… I am not sure if they should be used the same as a normal post or not…
I know it could be difficult to help me without seeing the template but maybe you could still give me some good suggestion!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, all themes are unique to some degree so really the person to ask is the author, as it would be wrong for someone here to risk giving inaccurate advice.

You can find freelancers to help if needed at


Hi @albic7,

I think the best tutorial is practise, but dispite this you can find some information under or Youtube.
Just have a look and keep on practising!

Best regards.

In case of interest: