I am not sure improve my flyer


please help me thank you

hi Jeri
I see two real major problems that u imperatively have to fix indeed …

the most serious one is that all the sideway objects look completely disconnected from the background. they look “pasted” rather than composed … why the yellow light on the lips on the right hand side? why a dark / night background and no echo on other elements? for instance u should dodge and burn the model according to the background behind and the way the light is supposed to come from …at this stage the whole composition looks really not realistic because of this … there should be a bit of a blue hue on lips, leaves, model and so on, to echo the background

the second thing is the organization of elements, this is too anarchical and the eyes get lost in the process of finding the elements to read … you read some texts about everywhere without regarding the “z-shape-reading-process”, in other words, the way the eyes are sweeping across any document, to look for information

the date is not given the attention and impact that it deserves … the main title “summer” is incredibly lacking contrast and is almost unreadable , which makes u violate the contrast basic design principle … needless to say that this is a lethal error …

the typo of “summer” does not match, does not look good either , is too thin, has no impact or whatever. Why having a black brush and footer text indeed when black color is coming out of the blue? why not using the dark blue that u have in the back to create harmony?

coherence issue also … why having a yellow light in the mid of a night sky? I do not get it …

drop a smooth shadow behind the model so that the model looks more integrated than just pasted and so that u smoother the transition with the background as well

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My advices is. Stop create this kind of flyers. You doesn’t learn anything design this. Its a quick way if they will approve to make little money. I see oversaturated marketplace with the same kind of things using a female model, adding some strange element around it, busy colors. A background and the same font combi by using a caligraphy ( sub) title. When envato rejected a lot of this flyers in the future because it is over saturates the marketplace you and we survives to design more HQ artworks. And to answer hou question about creativity. Im Also not very creative and dont know of you can learn this. But Google this names. Dutchaholic, Dokodemo, Rick Oomkens, Roshstudios. You can see artworks that will blow your mind. Good luck.

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Thank you :slight_smile: