I have many doubt about flyer

Hi to all:

My flyer already have other on graphicriver? do I can submit graphicriver now? If now I will submit graphicriver will hard rejected because already have on graphicriver please help me thank you so much, regards.

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hi Jeri
lol this is not “dude” (dude is compañero or something like this is spanish) but “doubt”, Jeri :slight_smile:
i like what u have done in the back , this is cool, original and cool indeed. The problem is that u could not manage to find the same tones in the front composition. U should play with adjustment layers to unify colors between back and front, turning the front composition hearts into a more original color like the back would enable you to have something more harmonious in the end … the picture of the couple is not convincing enough , not to mention that this is reddish. Please find another one , more beautiful and with more “natural” or “realistic” colors … U should increase the size of “Night” otherwise so that “love” is not not prevailing too much over it … pls change the color of "night by the way as this is hardly readable and not popping out … pls also make the footer more significant and change everything to white color. Also change the spacing between the date and the rest of the footer texts …

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Thank you so much, Now yes my flyer is very best :slight_smile:

my flyer is ok or yet not?

Jeri if i were u i would have kept the color in the back and adapted the front color instead, u would have had more originality … the picture of the couple is still not good enough if u ask me …

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The images are low-res and looks like you isolated them with an axe.