Now yes my design flyer is better now, please help me thanks.

Hi to all:

My design flyers are:

Do I can submit graphicriver or yet not?

Please help me many thanks.


@n2n44 @DesignSomething

hi jeri, a mi parecer el primer es el mejor de todos los designs y flyer que has mostrado … me gusta , pero tienes que poner de relieve los textos del footer y en particular los nombres de los dj

the second one is far from being as good, the central composition of objects is cool but the female is not matching much in my view and the central title needs to be reworked so that it can be more punchy and original, the footer has to be redone completely, too flat and not good enough looking and same goes with the header texts. Otherwise, I do not understand what the brick wall has to do in the back either …

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