Review my work please.

I came here yesterday with a flyer design but since then i kinda upgraded the last one. I would like to hear your thought on the matter.

I think it’s very simple design. Please try to make more complex and attractive design.

Thank you for your response i will modify it accordingly and i will update with the design.

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this is way better than his former version indeed and u should thus try to push into pushign teh envelope a bit more again but stress his efforts

I said i will update you with the revamped flyer so here it is.

LOL what is new? this is the same style in black color, or almost …
using the names of celebs is not a good idea , too …

Thank you for the response, I don’t want to sound disrespectful but I don’t really get what you mean by style. Also is it worse than the previous one( I really want to know if I am improving)? And one last thing, can you detail what i did wrong and what would you do if you were in my shoes? Only if you have the time of course don’t bother with me for nothing.

n2n44 has been really helpful to you so no need to be rude.
my suggestion is to look at the dj flyers already on gr :

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listen buddy, have a look at the global organisation, this is the same more or less … u have a main central text and a very few additional texts … the background is basically made of poly and a color layer , so this is very simple to say the least … u may tell me this is a style, well maybe , but there are tons of this right now … especially as this style has been favored for a long while, so just ask yourself what u bring to the table in terms of originality …

i am also sorry but if u a talented designer , what u have here , well it takes 30 minutes to do it … so what do u think ? that resellers will be interested in this one? (whether this one version or the others , which are not that different anyways …)

now to answer your question, u did nothing really wrong … this is tasteful what u did … but too simple, do u get it?

are u aware that in this one (blue one) u have some essential texts being the same color as the background? u think this is readable like this or that the information is popping out? have u ever heard about basic design principles? contrast is one of them, so basically u are violating one of the major rules , already …

I am sorry if i came out as rude, i really did not want to, again i am really sorry i will contemplate about what you said and i will do my best

My idea is, make the inner content more encapsulates, from the rest of the back ground in a way it merges through the entire design… I think specially with placements… boxing things… and consider visual balance at the moment it looks like a funnel… and your background had worked more, it’s soooo nice that the foreground can’t get the priority

hein? lol your last sentence is having opposit ideas, is that normal?

i understand your frustration buddy, on the other hand, think about it , i dedicate some time to help, it does not “bring me anything” if u know what i mean , so, at least, that would be great if u could respect my time and effort to try to help you and talk nicely …

do not get me wrong indeed, what u have at this stage is rather clean and tasteful, though, as regard to how difficult most of the categories have turned, this may not be enough yet … u may have to put a bit more into it … what i tried to explain is that there is nothign really unique into it and that any guy with good photoshop knwledge may choose to redo the same rather than buying … this basically means that putting more graphic effort into it, people will not feel the same and feel like “ok, i buy this , i save time and money”

I was pointing out the priority… :slight_smile:

ok but i still do not understand what u meant by that lol :slight_smile: