Graphic River submission

Dear authors, I want to submit these flyers to Graphic River. Can you please see and help me by commenting if any improvement needed to make them quality standard.

Thank you for your time.

Isn’t there anybody expert who can say something on this post?

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Hi @Decentart

I am sure that your flyer will hard rejected because bad colors and too small typography, I am not expert in graphictiver but I invite you my friend author @n2n44 he know more that I because he is graphic designer and experience more 16 years, I hope he will give you best your advices your flyer for approved graphicriver :slight_smile:


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Thanks bro for your response but I have taken colors from the design of graphicriver. Can you please tell me which color should I change to which color?


I am women “Sister” :), you depends use colors better in graphicsriver but you can search for google write “color palette” for generator colors your choose, good luck.

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hi indeed, both are sort of too common, no matter what we are considering, pls keep in mind that this is a saturated place that u have to deal with and that , for that matter, u have tons items in almost all styles and that both of your creations are definitely lacking originality in such a context, not to mention that in both cases, the typo is too flat and the hierarchy of information is really too flat and major information are not popping out enough, not to mention that there are only two levels right now the top info and the secondary one, u could graduate it all a bit more .

pls pay attention about contrast issue for the first flyer
for these second one , u have a real issue of style being too flat, plus lack of harmony due to color combinations not being working much , thinking about complementary colors or shades would be welcome and a good idea , as well as thinking about theme associated colors

Dear n2n44
Thank you for your help and I am sorry for the late because I was sick for the time. I am sorry to tell that I don’t understand what do you mean by two levels in the top.

Thanks very much

no problem, this means that the hierarchy should be gradual and that u have only big titles, and simple text and nothing in between