I am not sure if is ok my template html "ron" restaurant

Hi to all:

Please help me check my html all browsers (windows and mac) if error or not, before submit themeforest.

Thank you so much, regards.

Demo: https://erikaivo.info/html/ron/dark/

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Content didn’t display. Just dark .Refreshed page thrice but still the same and I used Chrome browser to view the link


please give me screenshots. thank you.

The link loads fine for me in Chrome and Firefox, but you need to work on it more.

Firstly you really do not need all those effects, especially the ripple effect on the header, it’s really distracting and doesn’t make sense for this type of site.

The hover effect for the Gallery images should be different. You have the default state being slightly darkened photos, so I would expect them to lighten up when I hover over them, not have the entire thing be covered by a yellow square.

The images in the blog section don’t really need a rollover effect at all, it doesn’t add anything, in fact it’s kind of jarring and distracting.

Basically you have a lot of effects that seem to be there for no reason at all. They have no purpose, you just wanted to put them in to make things more interesting, which I get, but there’s a time and place for those sorts of things, and you need to learn when it’s appropriate to use certain effects.

The wavy line background is also very blurry, and doesn’t tile properly.

It opened now.