My html "ron" is very bad sales.

Hi to all:

My html “ron” is very bad sale (2 sales stop not buy more) please see my profile themeforest please help me for good sales but I already upload my follow facebook, twitter, etc, please help me I want to update my html for good sales, how I can do? maybe my code is very messy or my design is too basic or any problem thank you so much, regards.

Nobody needs one page template

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I know but my partner one page is good sales 40 sales playtube (search playtube html in themeforest) please help meeeee

40 sales from 2016. You are funny:) one page was actually in 2015, not 2020

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I checked your Ron HTML template. Unfortunately, If I was a buyer, I did not choose your template. It’s a one page template which is very basic.
Most of the restaurant template have 5+ versions and 20+ pages. So, forget one page trend.

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I’d agree with @micro_theme - with respect to the fact it was approved, I can see a list of things that would prevent me buying this, even before comparing it to some of the impressive alternatives in such a crowded category.

  • Although it’s personal, I really don’t think the styling, typography etc. is doing you any favors

  • There are basic design issues with margins and spacing throughout

  • It really frustrates me when templates have things like blogs with no post page. What’s the point?

  • Why would a restaurant have an FAQ? Templates must not be adding sections for the sake of having them there is they serve no purpose and are not relevant

  • There is basically only the carousel (with no info on each product) of foods - this is a restaurant template. There should be multiple different menu layouts (at least)

  • It starts with 4 hero features, none of which actually exist in the site or have any more info related to them

  • Other than the icons I don’t see anything that distinguishes this as restaurant template…

I do like the footer design but I am afraid that is not enough to safe it


I don’t know why this template approved.
it is not good and have a lot of design problem??
what did you think ?

I saw a lot of templates that were better than this template that has been rejected!!!

Thanks to all for help me, I am very happy, I try make designs better designs and more pages and update themeforest :slight_smile: