Some feedback before review my html theme

Can i get some feedback before review this item?
I have some free time because i don’t want to wait 2 days. At least i want to improve theme.
By the way this is a resume, personal portfolio.



Looking well but i’m not sure about your item approved or not.
If possible to improve your design with little bit with unique-ness!
This is not looking good


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Thanks a lot for your reply.
If i get right, you mean in that section logo’s should be different. Or replace section with unique things.

make a little bit change on logo section 2nd thing are right :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have any other advice?

With respect very common design. themforest quality standard and requirements improved much. so, I think if you make the design more unique aesthetics will get more chance to get approve.

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Unfortunately :frowning: im checking my mail now and got hard reject. I guess this item gone trash too

don’t upset we all Authors (intro to elite) has experience of hard reject. So, study more then strat to preparing a new product with more unique aesthetics design hope you will do better for your next submit. Thanks

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Thanks a lot for your reply. When upload this item i started a new one :smiley:

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In these two chapters I think there may be a typographic hierarchy error.

This is a good example.

There may be an alignment error because the background color is not clear and the fill value is low
Also review your typographic hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy Review titles are not hierarchical.


I think your design is not consistent I think the components in the design should be very consistent with each other

Items in this section are not aligned

You have a lot of mistakes in design, but it is important that you review your design and discover your mistakes yourself.
Feel free to argue and remember that it takes some time and patience to start from the right place to succeed
Thank you good luck

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A very important aspect in regards to your thread title, your product is a HTML Template, only WordPress files are Themes, be sure to avoid this confusion if you don’t want to get refund requests and 1 star ratings for accidentally advertising your product as a Theme.

Cheers mate! :blush:

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Thank you very much. It would be a major problem for me. I will be more careful

You’re quite right. I realized. Looking bad when you look at the whole. I checked out other template after your advices. They’re really looking soft and clear. Thank you very much for your great reply.

1 The overall design looks more of business/corporate and not resume or personal
2 Typographic hierarchy issue (specially in latest insight section)
3 Button size and shape inconsistency
4 Look the design as a whole (sidebar background color and latest insight background is same and hence not making the design aesthetically pleasing)