How to update the description only to solve a soft reject

Hi, My template got soft rejected because I needed to quote the author of the AudioJungle music of my preview video (I assumed VideoHive would do so automatically when I specified the track ID in the corresponding field).

I’ve addressed the issue (edited the description), but now on my Item Details page I get the following message:

This item is currently hidden, and needs to be reviewed before you can put it on sale. Just use the “Submit files to review” button on the Edit tab.

If your item was rejected, please make sure you have fixed all the issues outlined during the review process.

The thing is, the “Submit files to review” button is only in the “Update item and tags” subsection of the “Edit” tab, but I don’t want to resubmit any files, just the description (and the file fields are empty).

So my question is whether I need to press “Submit the files” or just modifying the description is enough. I am probably being paranoid, but I want to do things right to avoid a hard rejection.


You have to submit it for review. Write on the field for the reviewer what you fixed.

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First edit the description and hit save. You can check your item description and how it looks like on the hidden item page. If everything looks alright, go to the update item and tags section, and write in the message to reviewer field that you fixed the issue, then resubmit. If the form asks you for a change to be able to submit the item again, reupload the thumbnail or change one tag.

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@Creattive @videologio Thanks! Done!

wish you best for the sales…