Soft reject with no specific changes from reviewer

I have received soft reject on my project. My project is in Hidden Items on my profile page. But reviewer was not specific in his feedback. He used standard text as for the hard reject.
So I don’t understand what changes I should make before resubmitting?
Maybe you could help me?

And can I write to my reviewer and ask him to specify needed changes?

Here is reviewer’s feedback from e-mail:
Thanks for your submission.

‘Minimal Titles’ isn’t quite ready for VideoHive. But don’t fret, we’d love to see you resubmit after making the changes outlined by the reviewer below. When you’re ready, you can upload your changes here.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your item. Unfortunately this item does not meet our quality requirements and cannot be accepted at this time.

Recently, we’ve been receiving a very large amount of animated text/title projects and therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects. Because there is so much competition in this genre, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional design quality and execution. Unfortunately, this project does not meet our high standards for this kind of style.

When reviewing these types of projects, we take into consideration the flexibility, usefulness, appeal to a broader audience and broadcast readiness of the file. Unfortunately we don’t feel as though this project meets the standards we have set for these criteria.

We look forward to seeing more of your work.

Hello everybody! Maybe you have also been in this situation? Really need your advice!

That’s actually so weird. It looks like the reviewer intended to hard reject your item but he/she soft rejected it accidentally and pasted the hard rejection email and sent it to you. I truly hope that’s not the case, but this scenario makes sense to me more than the other scenarios I could think of.

Anyway, there is a Videohive reviewer who checks the forums frequently. Let’s hope he sees this thread and looks into it for you (p.s. I’m going to add the video tag to this thread hoping it will help with catching his eye).

Hi Osama! :wave:Thanks a lot for your reply! I am also got confused with this situation! I hope Videohive Reviewer will see this thread and help me with my project :pray:

Try to fix your project, no need to wait answer from reviewer. Read here, he/she says:

“Recently, we’ve been receiving a very large amount of animated text/title projects and therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects…”

Maybe your project need some extra work. If you want share a preview link here, maybe something wrong in your animation, maybe someone to post a little idea and help you to make your project better.


Hi odiusfly! Here is my preview. I will appreciate reasonable critic :spy:

It’s a good project but i think there a lot projects in this style here in videohive.

With a fast view, i think maybe you need to give a bit space at typography.
For example: 0:25 “NEW TEMPLATE” Give a bit space to the letters between “NEW TEMPLATE”, you know.
I try to understand how you can fix it, you can do anything you want of course.

Next, 0:38 the “Lorem ipsum…” too small font here and i think there is some bad quality in this font.
0:42 envato logo, give more space on animation… I think you can play with all envato logos to be more realistic… not to hard… easy fade, etc you know.
Same at 0:43 your animation it’s too hard.

So, i think if you want to make a different style, play more with the lines, i see same style with a lot projects like this in videohive. Fix a bit envato logo animations, use better quality at fonts you use, give some space to letters and try to upload again.

It’s my opinion… ; -) Good luck!

My apologies, I accidentally selected soft-reject instead of hard-reject. I apologize again for the confusion.

Thanks for your comment! I’ll try to improve it