Edit Track Soft Rejected

Hello. I’m new and got Soft Rejected for the first time. I edit everything in accordance with the rules, but the track is not updated and they sent me Soft Rejected again with the same description of the problem. I go to Edit, re-upload the files in “Update Item & Tags (requires review)”, save all the changes in Update Description & Price and press “Submit Files for Review”. But the track is not updated. What am I doing wrong?

Same thing happened to me…it’s very frustrating…I remove the binary tags but I get a warning that nothing has changed. I wrote to Envato support, they were helpful and the product was accepted.

Make sure you hit the save button, just under the item description and price part of the page, to save the changes you make. Then after that submit it to review.

Yes, I’m sure, that hit save button, not once, but result the same.

Thank you.