How to redeem Envato Credit Code which I got for my refund

I received envato credit code for my refund against a purchase. I want to know how to use that credit code and is there any way that I can transfer that amount back to my card ?


Hey there. As per Envato Terms refunded credit goes back into your Envato Account. This amount cannot be credited back to your PayPal account or credit card.

Can I get a refund for credits I’ve purchased processed to my PayPal account or credit card?
Envato is unable refund any amount remaining in your ‘Add Credit’ balance of your Market account to a PayPal account or credit card.

For more information on payments, credits and your account you must contact Envato Help and Support. They are the only ones that can provide more information on these matters.


Well, to add onto what @Enabled said above, it actually depends.

  • If you bought the item directly with a credit card or PayPal, then your refund will go into your account credits. However, you can request that these credits be refunded back into your original payment method by contacting support at the link above.

  • If instead you added credits to your account and then purchased an item using those credits, then technically those credits must stay on your account (and are considered non-refundable), but you can definitely try asking for a refund.

I’ve never heard of a “credit code” either. This is definitely a question best suited for support.