Are refunds being made on my PayPal or on Envato Credit?

Hello, first post here. I bought a theme by mistake (it actually didn’t have a feature I needed), and the author kindly accepted to refund me. It shows in the “statement” tab, but now it’s not clear to me what going to happen: on the one hand, I read somewhere that Envato Credits have been discontinued, but on the other hand I read somewhere else that the refund is made on the Envato credit. The help page about refund is absolutely rubbish about lifting the ambiguity. Given that I NEED to buy a new theme asap and have finally identified the one I want, I need to know if I need to wait until I see some Envato credit coming up or if its eventually going back to my PayPal anyway.
Like, if I receive it on the Envato account, is it going to come up as a fourth payment method, with the possibility to complete with PayPal if the new theme is a bit more expensive?
Can you help? :slight_smile:

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Hey @Semiocity,

Your refund will go to account credit. They haven’t entirely discontinued credits, but they have discontinued the ability to add funds to your account.

When you go to make a purchase with your credit, I’m not actually sure if you’ll be able to split the payment like that. For authors we can do this easily, it looks like this: But I can’t say for certain it’ll be the same for a buyer.

If you do want the refund to be sent back to your PayPal, you can open a Help ticket to request this, and they’ll get that sorted for you ASAP.


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