How to I input my template into GODADDY

I purchased a template from envato and purchased hosting through GODADDY. How do I input the template and see it on my website?

Hello there. :slight_smile: You will need to upload your files to your GoDaddy hosting account via FTP. Here are some instructions on how to do that. :thumbsup:

Thank you. I plugged it in but when I go to my website it still hasnt applied. This is very confusing!

Once it is in the FTP how do I open it up to see the the pictures and those easy to use options that it shows on here


You will need to upload these files into the directory “public_html” (if you didn’t do it already) then go to your website you are using with your hosting provider (Godaddy). Keep in mind that your theme has an documentation that you can use.

Hope this will help you out :slight_smile:

It is a HTML template so you need to modify the images etc. In the code first before uploading it.

There are no “options” or CMS with HTML templates like in WordPress etc.

I recommend you using a template for WordPress. Godaddy has a special hosting plan with Wordpress preinstalled and this is well documented…
It’s also easier to add content on your site with Wordpress. And with the money saved from standard hosting can buy a premium wordpress theme on ThemeForest.