Uploading my purchased Envato template to my Wordpress domain

I have purchased the Adore Church - Responsive HTML5 Template and under no circumstances will it upload to my Wordpress domain (.com). Is it possible to uplaod this to a .com on wordpress??? can i switch to a different theme on your website to a template that would function on a .com?

thank you for your time.

HTML5 Template is not a WordPress theme and can’t work on that way. You need to buy a WordPress theme not a HTML Template.


*Update - if you want to use theme on wordpress.com domain, you will not find here. All themes here are coded and will work only on self hosted WordPress installation using wordpress.org installation files.

Actually since that post above it is possible to use envato themes on WordPress.com BUT it requires a “Business” level subscription which is far more expensive than getting your own hosting and domain etc.

This still won’t work of the item is, as @CocoBasic pointed out above, a HTML template.

FYI there is a WP version here https://themeforest.net/item/adore-church-responsive-wordpress-theme/10394132