How do I install this theme?

I don’t know how to install this theme (I thought it was a wordpress theme, but I still wish to install it in my domain, even if it isn’t wordpress):

It appears that you have purchased a web template and not a WordPress theme. That would explain why you’re having trouble uploading to WordPress. If you have made an error in your purchase, please open up a Help ticket and let them know all the details.


Yes, I made an error in my purchase, but I’d like to use that web template. Can I find a freenlance to help me in the envato community?

try - vetted freelancers and a degree of protection from envato

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Hello @petrusem

We provide WordPress Development services through Envato Studio Get in touch with us.

First you need to explain what you need and want. We cant read minds.
You want to convert that design into some CMS template?