Upload bootstrap theme to godaddy host

I recently purchased the Bifrost theme, and wanted to upload it to my godaddy hosting site to use as a bootstrap template. I have experience in bootstrap with other templates and haven’t had any issues before. This time when I copied all of the files over I cannot view any of the files online. I made a test file of just some random text in a php file and I can view that fine, so I know it’s not an FTP issue. Is there any specific way to install this as a boostrap site instead of a wordpress site? The documentation says it can be used as either.

If it’s a Wordpress theme then you need to have WordPress installed and upload the theme there.

FYI unlike a html template the theme won’t look like the demo until you have then set it up and added the dummy content which may or may not include the actual images used in the demo

why does it say it is compatible with bootstrap if you can’t use it like a bootstrap theme then?

Bootstrap is just a framework that can be used with some WordPress themes. Uploading files to your hosting directly has nothing to do with bootstrap compatibility.

I’ve never used bootstrap with Wordpress. I didn’t know some of them have to be used with Wordpress to work. I have 2 sites currently that I use bootstrap but have never used Wordpress with them, which is why I’m so confused if it says compatible with Bootstrap why I have to use Wordpress as well with this particular theme.

No Wordpress theme will work directly/easily if you just upload the files without first installing WP itself.

It sounds like what you have is two html template sites built using the bootstrap framework. To edit them you have to modify the raw code right?

If so then you want a HTML template, not a theme. https://themeforest.net/category/site-templates

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