Upload to Wordpress site that's hosted by GoDaddy

Firstly I’m one of those people on here who has very limited knowledge in web dev, FTP and all things techie so I would really appreciate any direction you can provide.

I have purchased a theme from Theme forest and want to upload it to my wordpress site. The site is hosted by GoDaddy. I have downloaded Filezilla and used it before but don’t understand how I would know the host, username, password etc. for Filezilla.

Do I have to upload the files to the web host and then I can access them on my WP dashboard?

Step by step instructions would be fantastic. Thank you!

Hi there,
you are in luck i just called these dudes up today to find out that myself. They are very helpful if you call them. They gave me this link to follow the steps. Seems fairly straight forward. I haven’t started in on it yet.


Good Luck

Hi guys,
To be honest I used that support thread too and it did not always work.
It is much easier if you can identify your database details (found in the admin section of your GoDaddy account), then upload the main wordpress folder via your ftp and then just add the theme thast you purchase from here.
All the themes on here are well documented as to how to do that.
Any issues let me know.

Sorry just read your first comment properly - I will put up step by step instructions here later.

Hi charlie4282
You are correct the step by step from GoDaddy FAILED – so your steps would be much appreciated since this is my first time transferring and working with wordpress as well.


Hi CCulos49,

Ok so GoDaddy have changed there admin so I need to check the database bit again to write the exact instructions but to get you started on FTP with Filezilla as this will be your first step:

  • Sign into your account on GoDaddy
  • Click “MY ACCOUNT” top right and select “WEB HOSTING” From the list in the middle of the page
  • You will see a box with your url and an expiry date - click “LAUNCH” to the right of this box
  • You will be sent to “HOSTING DASHBOARD”


  • There will be an open panel below these buttons with the headings “FTP”/“SERVER”/“ACCOUNT” - the info in the ftp section is what you need to use filezilla…
    I suggest you keep this screen open whilst using Filezilla to copy the info.

“Host”: ftp.yoururl.com"
“Username”: This is the “Admin user name” in the ftp section
"Password": Will be as it is in the ftp on the hosting dashboard. This may be in a confirmation email from GoDaddy or you can change it but it may take an hour to reset officially.
“Port”: You can leave this blank but if for any reason it will not connect then use “211”

Assuming this connects: Download Wordpress from the website

Open the zip and the “Wordpress” folder so you see a selection of PHP files, a “read me” html file and a few folders named “Wp-Includes”, “Wp-Admin”, “Wp-Content”…

Select ALL of these files and drag them into your Filezilla Root - i.e drag all the files into the lower right hand section of file zilla (the one with headings “Filename”, “File Size”, “File Type”, “Last Modified” etc etc

This may take a little while then press “refresh” (Green and blue arrow button above “Username”)

Now when you go to your url you will hopefully meet the WP set up screen. For this you will need the database info.
I will get the route to this asap and leave instructions here again.

Hopefully this will help - sorry its a long reply but it can be a lot to explain and I do not want to sound insulting with basic instructions but I appreciate it can be daunting the first time!

Good luck

Ok i have sussed the database route as the other instructions were very long I will wait until you guys reply here before sending instructions on setting up a database too.

Hopefully getting Wordpress to the configure stage on your URL will work with the instructions above and then I will send (shorter) ones for the next step.


Hi there charlie4282,

So I got to the point where I have loaded Wordpress and all is good and I copied over the wp-content folder via FTP and all is good.

I signed into my dashboard all is good, everything is there all the images, pages, categories, posts etc. but when I go to view the site nadda.

I activated my theme and still site is not correct?

working development site:


transferred site to GoDaddy


let me know what you think

Ok first that’s great that you got Wordpress and the theme working there.

Just so I am clear did you have a site already that you are trying to move or is this a fresh start on a new theme?
Your last message sounds like you are moving an existing content/site into a new theme?

In honesty if that’s the case - the best thing you can do is ask the author of the new theme how to do it. I know the author of this theme is a big player on Themeforest so he should be able to tell you what to do

Because each theme is coded differently & sometimes custom coded in parts, the way in which to transfer content would depend on how the new one is set up.

If you are trying to get the theme to look how it does in the demo then there should be an XML file you need to upload - that should be mentioned in the documentation.

But if you could let me know:

  • Are you trying to transfer existing content to a new theme or start a fresh?
  • Are you trying to get the new site to look like the demo here?
  • Is the first link (DEV) complete and what you are trying to get to?

Then i can try and offer some more useful advice, just so i am clear what you are trying to achieve.
As you do not have a lot of content on the first link so it may be that it is easier to start from fresh on the GoDaddy platform/database etc.
I have a client who is quite inexperienced and actually set themes up on multiple domains/subdomain and tests the design on one so he knows what he is doing to make it look right then just does the correct changes on his main site!


just saw the thread on this theme from you too re: customization.

  1. remove “posted” “comments off” - It does depend on the theme but it might be worth looking below the main page area for a control on it OR turn from VISUAL to HTML on the main page area of the editor (top right of the editor box) and ctrl F the words - then remove them.

  2. the images - it looks like a 3 column layout so again search the section in the html side of the page editor and remove them.
    if you’d rather link them then click on the image in the Visual mode of the editor and look in the tool bar of the editor e.g. text stuff etc and find the “link” button (looks like a paperclip) and add the page url you want to link it to. That’s it.

Hope it helps - anything else please use charlie4282@hotmail.com so we do not clog this thread up!

Am sure the author will come back to you soon

Hey charlie4282,

Thanks so much for your replies.

Issue One: transferring site to new server

I exported the .xml file from my site at http://culossalartworks.com/Dev/ and copied the wp-content over to GoDaddy via FTP.

at the GoDaddy end I logged into the Dashboard and imported the xml file, activated the Theme and the site doesn’t load properly. All of the images, pages, posts, etc are there but just not showing?

If anything clicks here let me know. I am going to give GoDaddy another call and see what’s going on. I don’t think it’s a “theme” thing although never having used WP or Themes I don’t know. I do hope the author can shed some light if that is the case.

Issue Two: site questions to author

Thank you so much for the tips you have posted for my “comments” and extra images on the gallery page. I will give them a whirl, once I get the site transfer worked out. I am so glad to know that my requests weren’t over board in terms of trying to get “free service”.

I’ll check in with you later.

To be honest and i Know it is frustrating really you need the author to sort it out - without seeing all the code etc its very difficult. You can upload the XML through the admin but again it is theme specific as to how the code is set up.

Again frustrating though it would be I think if you are not getting responses from them to clear the database completely at Godaddy - reinstall wordpress and the theme from scratch. It is possible that moving content, crossing themes from different hosts could causes all sorts of tiny issues which are causing your problems.

You have a limited amount of content on the/dev site - although I appreciate that for someone still learning it may have taken a lot of effort! perhaps starting from a clean slate maybe the way to do it.

Good luck! If you have any further stuff give me a shout via email charlie4282@hotmail.com

Well just for the record, I’ve been trying since last week to hear something from the author of my issues with this theme and still haven’t so I am not holding much hope there.

and the site is simple because the client wants to populate it with images in the gallery only not much in the copy department

they are just starting out.

I do appreciate your comments.

– Hi charlie4282

  • I have recieved all information needed to transfer the site to GoDaddy, 2.5 days and all is well.

    not sure if you or anyone out there! would find interest in my notes or not but here is what I had to do.

    a) Existing Development site

    export the xml file from Wordpress >Tools >Export
  • go to GoDaddy (or new host) and into Wordpress and import xml file under >Tools >Import

b) via FTP copy over the wp-contents folder (to GoDaddy or new host)

  • backup existing one just in case.
  1. activate your theme

c) export the database from the existing server >MySQL >Export (to your desktop)

  1. copy that .sql file via the FTP site (at GoDaddy or new host) into the >_db_backups folder

    C) At GoDaddy site (new host provider)

    upload/restore database
  1. Backup the database that is there (by exporting as a .sql file into _db_backups) just in case
  2. Log into your account and Go into >Databases >MySQL >click on pencil of the database to overwrite >click Restore at the top >select the new sql file >click Restore
  3. I had some huge wait time here but called them up and they updated my database for me.

    D) Go into phpAdmin through MySQL and click on the new database and then on the left hand side click on wp_options

    click on the BROWSE tab up top and scroll to check that the site urls is correct and on the next page check that the “HOME” url is correct one.

    if things are still not linking properly go back and check all the available wp_whatevers and find the urls and change them.


C :slight_smile:

That sounds like a complex transition esp for someone who is not experienced using WP.
Hopefully now it will be working for you.

Good luck

Well it just goes to show you. how much you can learn in 2 and a half days, and behind schedule in a website launch deadline! :slight_smile:

Just working on the theme issues now. Hopefully I’ll get somewhere in the WP editor. The important step is done so I don’t have quite the pressure I had the other day.

Lesson learnt - Stick to HTML! Good luck…

OK so here’s where I’m at - which seems to be going around in circles. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  1. Wordpress site (cabuyarealty.com) hosted by GoDaddy.
  2. Wordpress site was originally set up with wordpress address but have changed primary domain to cabuyarealty.com.
  3. Uploaded wordpress file via Filezilla using host/username info found through Godaddy - my Account site.
  4. Transferred Theme forest folders to wordpress/wp-content/themes
  5. Wordpress site was not showing as my blog but just showed (this is just another WP site message). Followed instructions to change nameservers on GoDaddy to wordpress provided NS to point to wordpress (even though the site is hosted with GoDaddy). When I made this change the cabuyrealty.com site showed my initial blog post.
  6. However when I change the nameservers I can no longer connect to the server with Filezilla.
  7. At no point was I able to see how to activate the Theme Forest theme on my WP dashboard.

so my questions are:

  1. Am I correct in changing the nameservers on GoDaddy hosting management site to point to wordpress provided nameservers? Note when I do not do this the url just shows the generic WP message and does not show my blog posting. The site is hosted with GoDaddy not WP.
  2. How can I activate the theme on the WP dashboard. It looks like the files have been uploaded to correct locating with FTP but this didn’t make any difference to dashboard.

I would really appreciate some help as I seem to be getting nowhere. Many thanks.

Just so I am clear you have had a site on wordpress (was it at .com or .org) and you want to move it over to a domain & hosting with Godaddy?
You are not just trying to set up a new theme on the godaddy account and start from fresh?

In response to the questions - redirecting nameservers may work but transferring wordpress sites to Godaddy (or another host) can work differently depending on how much content, what widgets or custom code etc is involved. On this froint your best bet is to ask the GoDaddy support if in any doubt. they tend to be quite helpful and should be able to point you in the right direction.

Regarding activating the theme - assuming it all uploaded correctly then in the dashboard to to “appeareance”, “themese” and you should see the new theme - click activate below the file image and this should do it. If you cannot see it there then it did not upload properly and you can try uploading tyhe theme zip file via the upload themes section at this point in the dashboard.

If as it sounds you are trying to move an old wordpress site over to a theme on a new GoDaddy hosting then the obvious way would be to export the site data etc from the old one (XML file) and upload that to the new theme (all can be done through WP dashboard). If this is the case then it is not too awkward but again owuld be simplest to get advice from GoDaddy support as without seeing the code etc for the site it is quit edifficult to advise you exactly.

any other questions post them

Thanks and good luck