How to find our own music that being used ?

Hi all,
Usually when someone bought our music, they didn’t tell us or didn’t have time to let us know where they used it.

Is there any way to search this ? Maybe some multimedia search engine with the capabilities to search the internet based on the audio file that we gave ? I already check Google and they can’t search it.

Please help, would be beneficial to all of us to know where our music get used plus to know if it’s legal or illegal use.


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Check your statement from the sale and you’ll be able to find out who bought it. Google them and see if you can find your track on their website/Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo. Just an FYI though, out of 103 sales I’ve only managed to find about 10!

I completely forgot that I can find it in my statement…I already did that long time ago
Yes it’s hard because not every buyer use their real name / company name.

Maybe anybody can help for info using search engine ? I can’t believe the big mammoth google can search words, image but not sound :frowning:

Anyway big thanks @TenRoomsAudio :clap:

Here it is another great instrument for treking where your music was used: - great tool but site is often down because of its pure enthusiast support by only one man. - you must register your music with content ID for at least one year, and results will be visible after half of year.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, will try it !

You could also use Tunesat - at least for TV findings. There’s a free subscription plan as well for the service, which basically searchs for your uploaded music on TV channels all across the globe. Still I allways had the feeling that it wont find everything you did that got eventually aired (obviously also because not all TV stations are included).