Question about buyers

Hello everyone! I have a question about buyers! How each one of you found people who buying your tracks?And why they don’t write us by themselves?

You can find the buyers names or the name of the company in the invoice.
Why should they write to us?

Hi Hyperprod! I also would like to ask, is there any other ways beside invoice to find who bought the items?
Some times buyers are not companies and very hard to find. And also, to contact buyers after few months for authors its not allowed by Envato ?

I don’t know if its not allowed, but I would never contact a buyer. They don’t leave their e-mail address, and even if you find it I think many buyers would find it intruding. Why would you need to contact a buyer?

I contacted once a buyer, I found that the company bought one of my item bring drinkable water to people in need so I contacted them to ask how I can return the money and make a donation. But that’s a special case. I think to contact an advertising agency after few months they bought your item to ask if they used anywhere it’s wrong, ?

What about other ways to find where tracks are used invoice - ok , soundizer - doesnt recognise any of my items… is there any other ways ? thank you

Just check the companies’ web site and see if they have shared videos with your music on Facebook/youtube/vimeo. But often the music is just internally in a corporation and isn’t available online. You can also upload your music on to search for broadcast use.

Yeah, this is what I do. But when a person not a company is buyer… for example A Smith Los Angeles… it’s almost impossible to find this A Smith and the company for what he / she bought the item, this is what I mean. Maybe you know some services that workes like shazam, to identify you music in videos, by uploading music … or something ?

Probably A Smith is just A Smith from LA. There are many who buys music for private projects.

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