Do people get in touch about where your music has been used?

Hey, I was just wondering what are people’s experiences of buyers getting in touch after they purchased your music. Do you find out where your music ends up? I’ve sold a few tracks but no one has messaged to say where it’s ended up but maybe that’s the norm.

Interesting topic. Can anyone give advice about it?
Several times I wrote email to buyers, but it has no reply.

I have never gotten a mail from a buyer and I would never try to get in touch with a buyer to find out where my music is used either. Theres often enough info on the statement to find out where the track is used.
In my opinion I think mailing the buyers just ensures that you’ll never sell anything to them again.

I didn’t realise you could check the invoices, thanks. I couldn’t find anything yet but I’ll keep digging!

I have found about 10 videos with my tracks out of 500 sales, but I haven’t gone through all invoices :slight_smile:
Happy digging!

For most of the time, I have no idea where my music is being used. If you register with AdRev or similar service you’ll at least get some results listed. Although these YouTube videos are supposed to be from the ones that never purchased a licence, I’ve found that many videos popping up on AdRev actually stem from valid purchases, where they never bothered with whitelisting their channel or disputing the copyright claim.