Does anyone know how to find out where your music gets used?

I’m certain I am not the only one who has wondered what the end result of their work is. I have seen a few posts on the subject but nothing suggesting where or how one might find where their music is being used.

Please share your thoughts if you have suggestions on how to find or search for final usages.

There a few ways you can try and find out.

  1. Detective work: search for your buyer’s name. If it’s a company name it usually is easier to find their site. If it’s a person, you can sometimes find who they work for by searching professional networks such as linked-in or similar. Once you have their site, find their Youtube/vimeo/facebook page and pay them a visit and check for new videos. Maybe one of them will have your music. This is very time consuming, but you can get results this way.

  2. ContentID: It will scan Youtube to match video content with your music. Unfortunately, it seems they don’t accept “royalty-free” authors any longer.

  3. TuneSat: This tool will detect your music when it airs on TV. You can try for free with up to 50 tracks.


Also there is a system (Adrev) Who finds and monetizes the video (in which your music is used). But there is also a downside to the coin, this is what it often scares off buyers.

This was my second point. AdRev is a third-party that register your music to ContentID.

Please don’t spread this misinformation. Most best-sellers are registered with AdRev.

I heard about this many times, so I decided to write. My desire is to give info if it is available.On the Internet and social networks is full of disinformation on this topic. I myself am not registered on this service, so I can not talk on this topic.

In any case, good luck!

This is helpful. Since the buyer information in somewhat limited, I suppose that just doing some due diligence is only effective in some, and not most cases. I gather it is all about how deep you want to dig to find anything. In any case, one can’t help but be curious sometimes about how one’s creations get used.

Thanks for your insight.

I have found a lot of uses of my tracks, simply by using a search engine, with the search term “music by andy slatter”