Adrev / Google Content Id question

Dear everyone!

I have sold more then 1000 tracks… I would love to see what they are used for (on YouTube).

Now I tried to sign up for Google Content-Id but they declined me (unknown reason). I have had an official company for 15 years, but they don’t seem to care. Anyone luck with this?

Are there altenatives?

If I upload my tracks to adrev can I see all the use of my tracks? Is there an option where they don’t flag or put an ad infront of the video before I checked it? It seems a bit brutal towards clients if I can’t white list everything in advance. Or is it easy to do quick? What if I’m offline for a week and a client gets flagged? How long does it take before adrev takes action etc?

Is there an alternative where I can just see where my music is used? So I can use it as promotion etc. I’m not so much looking for blocking unauthorized use…

Hope you understand?


Ah I see it’s difficult to get an Google Content Id account:

Hello Avocado,

To my knowledge, no author has been able to register directly with ContentID, instead you have to apply through a third-party such as AdRev.

AdRev will not pick up every instance of your music being used right away, it can take months (or more) before their scanning yields all results.

There is no option not to flag a given video, as their main goal is to monetize unauthorized uses. However ContentID has a specific policy regarding RF music. Though there has been contradictory information on the matter, supposedly AdRev has to check whether a license has been bought prior to flagging.

AdRev is usually quick to act on “unclaim” requests (a few hours…up to a couple days if on weekends), the author usually doesn’t have to intervene.

The only alternative I can think of, is Tunesat for TV broadcast, or good old detective work from the invoice (time consuming).