Where to find your sold tracks on the web

Hi guys!
I’m curious how you find your sold tracks on the web?
I often look into the statements / invoices, but my clients are sometimes private and even if they act as companies, it is hard to “google” this specific project where they used my track in.

So how do you find out in which projects, on which platforms your tracks are released?
I also read on this forum, that sometimes users found their stolen tracks on the web? So how do you do that???

Thanks in advance and all the best

I guess most authors just google it, there is no other option. In case of broadcast licenses some services like Tunesat may help, but for me it does not work at all. Somebody says they get in contact with customers via email (wich again they find on google), but often the customer is a hired designer/editor who can’t tell you much about where his product end up published. While Envato’s stating it’s not them is a seller, but you are, they don’t give us authors any information about customers to let us solve any royalties issues that can occure. So all we can do to find where our work is used is just google. Sad but true.

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really? just google? so far no chance for me to find a single project where they used my tracks… Is it easier when you register you tracks with content ID, so you can search YT or any other social media for the ID?

I’m not using CID, so I can’t say about that.

Content ID find the videos that are used on youtube only, and if the author hasn’t cleared the claim.

I guess we are alone here as @Theo_Sound says, you can ask clients about it, search for client (from invoices) online etc etc