How to connect the cart, login and other html page with database?

I download Fooyes food delivery envato theme html css theme and everything is so beautiful but the problem is how to connect login, sumit-restaurant, order, contacts to database or myphp.
Another thing is in this file i get only one detail-restaurant-1 html so now i am confused that for every restaurant i have to make new html file or how it works? please help

Hi, any of html templates login, cart and shop pages will not work like wp or database.
HTML template is a static template you have use CMS version any of template.

First of all thanks unlockdesign for replying and trying to solve my problem.
means what i should do now? i want to make in html template only what next i should learn cms or mysql?

I already design 4 websites on html of envato theme. Now my work is stuck just in one step that is login page and cart page. How to connect that

for example this website
i dont understand how to connect it with php or mysql

Presumably it’s not 4 separate websites using the same item form envato?

With respect of you are not familiar with how to make a dynamic environment and apply the necessary management then you are going to really struggle to setup and connect everything properly let alone maintain it if something goes wrong.

It’s not just login and carts - you have to consider restaurant registration, profile and info management/updates, how orders are handled and sent to the restaurants, how payments are transacted etc etc

There are also some pretty serious hosting and security considerations for a website like this, which again, if it’s your first time developing that type of setup is asking for potentially serious trouble.

It’s highly unlikely that anyone here can reach this stuff to you, and even then you have to consider ongoing maintenance.

I’d strongly suggest looking at themes or apps which are already in a more practical state and using one of those