Coder Wanted - Restaurant Booking Website

Hi all,

I am looking for someone to help create a restaurant booking cloud based system and customer review (of their restaurant booked) website.

I have an existing restaurant booking website i wish to use as a template and improve on. The kay features are:

Restaurant side:

Log in
Receive online bookings from customers (availability / timelsots reflected on customer facing website)
Build table plan
Set restaurant hours
Allocate bookings to tables / set stay time etc
(i have an exact system i wish to replicate and i can give coder a log in)

Customer Side:

View available restaurants
List restaurant in area by popularity
Book restaurant
Review and add photos after visiting
Allow users to follow other diners similar to LinkedIn and suggest users who like similar restaurants so they can visit future restaurants as recommendations.

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Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. I would like to recommend one of the Websites & Programming experts at Envato Studio.


With template you will never get that functions. That what you want you need to make custom made site and maybe take design from template .
And you need to have good budget.