how to connect html template with mysql?

I would like your opinion. . How do i connect an HTML template with some logic and make it dynamic and connect to mysql? I am not very expert…thanks

Hi @guidus—you’ll need a dynamic language of some kind, like PHP for example.

You can learn all about PHP, from the very basics (including how to hook your dynamic pages up with a MySQL database) in PHP Fundamentals on Envato Tuts+. At nearly seven hours long, it’s a big course, but has everything you need.

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I want to connect MySQL database in my HTML page. I want to insert and retrieve data using MySQL database which I have created using phpMyadmin in WAMP server. How can it possible using HTML 5. I saw many examples for creating table and insert, delete etc. But first I have to connect the database …

personally i prefer the simplicity side of mysqli but pdo is more supported that is up to you to choose wich is better for you and your script