Website script template

Hey guys!

Not sure if I am in the correct forum, if I am not please can someone point me where to go to :slight_smile:

I have just downloaded a website script template and wondered how to create the database for it. When downloading templates it doesn’t come with the database, is it normal?

Thank you

HTML templates don’t come with databases.

If you want to connect the site to a database then you need to use a CMS like WordPress etc.

You can manage to create your own cms, but for this you’ll need to have some PHP/MYSQL and Javascript code knowledge.
You can purchase some simple cms from CodeCanyon scripts and then just make the correct adjustments.
If you purchase the CMS and you wish to resel it, you’ll need to purchase the extended version and email the author to see if he approves it. If you only want to use it for your single use, you just need to buy the default standard license.
This is a bit hard process, but also is a way to learn how to integrate html themes on other cms, and your own cms.

Best regards.