Do these templates have databases included?

Hi, my name is Miguel, and I’m looking for an HTML template to create a
web (for Computer and Mobile Devices) for a house-hotel
rural, A rural house.

I’d like it to have:

  • animations and animated image galleries.
    -A section to be able to make online reservations (calendar to choose days and
    -A contact page,
    -a page with a Google Maps Map
  • Section for customers to leave comments on their experience at our hotel.
  • Possibility of viewing the website in several languages: English, French, German, etc.
    I do not know if I express everything I need, they have issues about hotels, but not what I need.

I have seen several in Evanto, the following are some of them:

But in the documentation of the templates, I can not know if they have databases for the “online booking” forms.
Could you clarify if they have integrated databases?
My knowledge is limited to HTML, CSS, JS, but I have not studied Databases yet.

Thanks, I hope to express my needs, I must use the translator …

No the html templates will not

There are numerous CMS themes in WP or other categories which will work

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Thanks, the problem is that I have never used WordPress and I do not create a database. I’ll keep searching on Google

That’s kind of the point with WP you don’t need to be able to create the DB - WP is a content management process which makes things like reservation, updating content etc. all much easier without technical knowledge

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Thanks, it will be easy to use WordPress for you, which I imagine will take time using it, but I am used to editing the HTML, CSS code. I have tried to find out how to learn to use WP and I do not see anything that can teach me.
I will try to find something of jQuery, although I never made a database either.
Thanks for your support.
If you can tell me where you can tell me a place to learn to use WordPress, I would love to tell me.
I have seen a site and said that I have to create local servers, and some things more … I do not know if it will be as easy as you say.
Thank you.

Honestly, you don’t need to code to use most WP themes here it’s a super simple CMS

You can learn more here

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