Configurations In Website Templates

How website templates work? Lets say that I’m creating an ecommerce website template. I have to have a database (mongoDB for example) and I will need payment gateway (like stripe). If a person is downloaded my template where they will configure database, payment, email sending etc.? Because they will add products from admin panel and thoose products will be stored in db and their customer may want to buy product so thats when stripe parts come and finally when customer gives an order, automatically app should send email about order. How thoose processes works in website templates?

If you are talking about static HTML templates, then there are usually no such features included, it is up to the customer to deal with all the server-side stuff on their own. You can go an extra mile and add some extra PHP features, usually just basic stuff like contact form. But when it comes to DB or eshop and advanced stuff like that, then you are no longer talking about HTML templates but some sort of CMS system and that is a completely different category:

@LSVRthemes So as I understand for static web templates customers will edit my code like changing the text of p tag. If i want to make an cms how should I develop it? Ecommerce app with cms?

Yes, it is up the the customers how he will edit HTML templates.

If you want to develop CMS, then it is really your job to figure it out. But you can sell it on CodeCanyon, as the examples I’ve shared in my previous reply.