Questions from a beginner

Dear people, hello


First, i would like to apologize about for my English, definitively not my first language
I own a little smartphone business in Europe and i’m actually working on my own website project (HTML/CSS/Java)
I offer repair services, but I also sell different products. So in order to professionalized my business, and offer an optimal (pay by card, paypal, automatic process) service, i would like to propose an online store website annex. But my knowledge of php are zero, that’s why i’m here today and i would like to ask you few questions.

In advance, thank you.


I just discover all this yesterday, and i’m not sure about how it works. If i understand well :

  1. There is an internet software (e-commerce solution) that manage every transaction automaticly (Opencart, Magento, etc)
  2. We can buy template on Envato and upload it directly to our database
  3. So we upload our e-commerce solution on our web host (1&1 for example) do we need a special host service?
  4. Can i for example, download an Envato template, manually modify the code (add some of my html/css own template) manage it by an e-commerce solution (i want a free one, so maybe opencart?) and upload that on my web host ? It will work?
  5. Or i have to separate the two website (My own, principal, with my own domain name; and a second one for my shop) ?

I’ll add more informations later, i’m not sure right now

Thanks a lot for the help that you’ll bring me


1.) There are a lot of different Ecommerce platforms and options out there.

The first decision is to figure out which one you want to use for your purpose.

Once decided, you can move on to #2.

Though keep in mind, depending on the route taken, theme costs will vary.

2.) For website themes, you’d be most interested in Themeforest:

Then select which category from beneath the Themeforest logo you’re wanting:

You’ll see that there is “eCommerce” in there, or click here:

Mousing over the menu item will give you a lot of options to filter the type of Ecommerce site.

3.) You should talk to your hosting company about that, but most should work.

Depending on your environment and specific needs, this question will vary a lot.

4.) When put simply, yes, that’s about the gist of it all.

5.) That’s up to you. Your shop can be your website, or your shop can be separate.

That’s something you have to decide on how you want to approach your website.