Some advice from experts needed :)

Hi guys.

Well I’m kind of new on this market, so I wanted to ask for help on you guys.
So it’s like this… I’m currently working on a CMS custom platform, which I’m creating from scratch.
About commenting code, I’ve read the CodeCanyon Requirements, that code should be commented, but should I comment all the code, or only the functions over the PHP files? I mean this, because although it’s PHP, but I also use HTML code…
Also, and relative to the item sale, when I upload my item, should I create a documentation file, where I explain how to use the CMS, and a code documentation file where i should explain the code itself?
Also how can I have my item being accepted?! What could you advice me?
Sorry about all of these questions… :slight_smile:

Best regards.

You should do some basic commenting of the code at least

You only need to do documentation on how to use the file, documentation on how to edit / explain the code is optional

Thank you @ZoomIt :slight_smile:
I’ll keep that in mind and try to work my best to deliver a nice product :slight_smile:
Best regards :wink:

When they talk out commenting the code, that means commenting each function or class and let buyers know, how they will work and what are those functions and classes about.

wish you a successful product dude!

Thank you @shahzad11 :slight_smile:
I wish it be accepted first… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Best regards m8!