I'm totally new to Codecanyon and would like to sell an app

Hi, everyone please I really need some help and enlightenment on how to get started here, I have a new app I would like to sell. Thanks in advance

Start here to sell on Envato.

What should I know?

  • Make sure there is a market for your application!
    Look at the current applications in CodeCanyon, is your application unique or does your application has more functionality then the applications allready on CodeCanyon

  • Is your application well writen
    I cant see your code, but make sure its up to the standards. A lot of new coders dont have all the knowlage and their work is not optimal. Your applications should be writen in OOP and your should build your system around the MVC model.

  • I got hard rejected
    It sucks, but its a part of the business. Just accept that your application was not good enough for the market, its not the end of the world. Find a new project, make sure you learn from the mistakes you did in the last one and get better.

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