what web hosting for html, css, jquery, bootstrap, template?


i’m beginner in web development even if i kow some java development.
I have a lot of confusion in how to use the template for example i have here in envato, like html, or bootstrap templates.

I got a free hosting in 000webhost to make a try about a restaurant website, but i understand that is php ‘hosting’…anyway how can it work if i don’t upload a wordpress template, but html template?

Any suggestion is very appreciated.Also what is the easiest template to start with, excluding wordpress, and how to use the web hosting for it?

thanks a lot!

Do you mean to be an author or as a buyer?

You can use HTML templates on any (Windows/Linux) hosting . They will work without any problem.

thank you for the reply

sorry i was not clear in my question: if i buy a template in envato an html template to make a restaurant website. i have the hosting (000webhost) and the domain() so that the domain already point to the hosting. what should i do, Just upload all the folder of the template(bootsrap, css, js, etc…) in public_html(webhost), i mean all together , or in separates folder? coz it looks like in 000webhost, it doesn’t work, i’m trying with a template… So im lost how to use the template…
i know that 000webhost supports php…so i dont’know about other template like HTML ect…


Purchase a hosting server, do not use the free hosting

yes i know i just went with a free hosting to try if i t works and them move to something serious…
but the template folders have to be uploaded in public_html inot the web hosting?

i mean once i download the html template for the website i upload everything in public_html on the web host and it works?

In theory once you have purchased he file then you would simply download it and upload of of the relevant files (not any PSD, documentation etc.) into the root directory (public_html) of the hosting.

As @ki-themes said free hosting is never a good idea and we’ve seen several authors have problems trying to use it, but it should still be able to cope with hosting basic HTML templates.

thanks charlie,

so i think some problem are due to the free hosting probably…do you have any suggestion for cheap good hosting just to start with?

Any of the big hosts like Hostgator, Blue, GoDaddy etc. are much of a much and don’t need to be more than a few $ a month.

Still not as good as proper hosting but light years from the rubbish free ones

Ok thanks a lot Charlie i will give a try with something more reliable


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