Need a html page


I hope I came to the right place :slight_smile:
I purchased and successfully personalized a few templates, mostly for restaurants.
Now, one of the restaurants opened a club and a coffee shop. I am searching to buy a html template only designed as a landing page for the Brand, where visitors can select what website they want to visit: restaurant, club or coffee shop. They are all on the same domain.
I couldn’t find any to purchase, but maybe I just din’t know what to search :slight_smile:

If anyone could guide me with a link, or a search idea, I appreciate.

Thanks you,


You won’t find something that simple for sale here.

Even landing page templates will far more advanced and you’d probably be best just creating a simple page with thentjrewe links on it.

Can I find someone here to make me this custom page ? I don’t want something simple with just three links. Need to be 3 squares with a preview and a short description.
Thank you for your answer !

Try for vetted freelancers. What you’re describing there really isn’t that difficult and it shouldn’t be a big job


You can contact me with more details.
But that option with all in one is very bad for SEO.
At the end you will have mess all in one place.

Then make it good for SEO.