Looking for a template or someone to create one

Hello all,

I bought several templates here, but im looking for a specific one now and it needs to following options:
I have an example of a website how i want it to be look like: http://www.bezoekalkmaar.nl/winkels/

A website that include several companies in a village on a website, like a visitcard in the hope people can find you better on the internet.
-So i want a main page where companies have the opportunity to create some discount/action things to show customers.

  • Also i want some categories to put the company names under.
  • I want to show it with a picture/logo and a ‘‘more information button’’
  • When poeple click on the information button you see a short summary about the specific company and phone number, adress and link to their website.

I want to sell companies a place on the website with some advertising for them and information about their company.

I hope its understandable what im looking for.

I am sorry for my bad english ( im trying to explain myself as good as possible )

Firstly, that website would never pass the grade here as it is.

It seems like you could get away with some kind of services or directory type theme https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?term=directory

Bear in mind that if people need to pay to access part of the website then you may need an extended license which is considerably more expensive and you may be better off having something built to your specifications privately

We have a small village where companies pay to put their name/logo in a small adtertising folder/book
its very local…

'‘Bear in mind that if people need to pay to access part of the website then you may need an extended license which is considerably more expensive’’
So i want to go digital(instead of oldskool folders) so people pay me to put their name/logo/information and link to their website…
I am the person to put the information there, so they dont get the acces to edit information ect.

I check this directory themes you talking about. I hope its what im looking for… thanx for the fast answer!!

I want it to be very simple looking

Directories are probably too complex then

Why not just have a page with a gallery of logos on it that are linked to their respective website?

That could be done with more or less any theme and very very easily

Yes like this website:

you see:

  • Logos
  • under the logo you see 2 things:
    • Meer informatie( more information ) which leed you to some information, logo, phone number ( maybe like a portfolio item )
    • And ‘‘bezoek website’’ which means visit website( so a link to their website, which is the main goal, more visitors )

So maybe i need a portfolio template ?:stuck_out_tongue: so i can create subpages( as in catogories )
Or do you have a better idea

I would do it as a gallery or even just a standard grid layout - there endless super simple ways to do it

So you mean something like:

  • Ubergrid - Responsive Grid WordPress Theme ?

Personally I’d just create a 3 or 4 column layout and have rows of images and maybe a title link/bio below each

It doesn’t even require a portfolio etc unless you want to be able to filter easily

Do you have some templates to look at ? So i can use that
my program skills are not very good, but i can make my way to wordpress and the plugins